Website Hosting Providers – What to Look For

This article is aimed at helping you select a website hosting provider by considering the areas where providers differ. Research at the outset will ensure that you get the service you need and help you avoid problems later.

Minimum upfront payment period
Most ads you see for hosting quote a monthly fee but in many cases you actually have to pay six months or a year in advance. Others offer various options, obviously being cheaper the more you pay in advance. If you do not want to (or cannot afford to) pay in advance you need a website hosting provider who allows monthly payments.

How long are you locked in for?
If you do pay in advance you need to check the cancellation terms to see if you get a refund if you need to cancel for any reason. Look for a provider who allows you to cancel at any time and will refund unused credit. If you pay monthly it is reasonable to expect to be able to terminate at a months notice.

Can you change your mind?
A money back guarantee features in the packages of some website hosting providers who will give a full refund on request within a specified number of days of signing up. Whilst this should not be a major factor in choosing a provider it does at least show their confidence in their service and you might find out how good their support is during this period.

Number of domains you can host
Many of the basic website hosting plans only allow one domain. This may be fine but it is worth looking at the costs for multiple (or unlimited) domains, as once you get started you may well discover a need for another domain.

Does the contract include a domain name?
Some website hosting providers include a free domain. Check if it is always free or just for an introductory period. Before using such a free domain consider if it is the best option for you (it will not be a .com).

What is the limit on bandwidth?
Whilst limits are generally high it is safest to have unlimited bandwidth so that you know that there will not be any issues if your site is successful and attracts a lot of visitors.

How much disk space are you allowed?
Much the same applies as for bandwidth (above).

How good is the provider’s infrastructure?
Loading time is important both to provide a good experience to users of your site and because Google are now taking this into account in the search results. Speed is unlikely to be an issue with any of the top website hosting providers but in any case it is worth looking at feedback from existing users. After your site is live there are services which will monitor its performance. You should also look for an uptime guarantee from your website hosting provider of about 99.9%.

What type of hosting do you need?
Many website hosting providers offer both Linux and Microsoft hosting. I recommend that you go for Linux unless you have a particular reason to use Microsoft (it doesn’t matter what operating system you have on your PC). Linux powers the majority of websites, including major sites like Google, and there is a wealth of free software, tools, forums etc. dedicated to it. Many people now use WordPress to build their websites or blogs and about 95% of these installations are on Linux as it is easy and straightforward. I would only recommend using Microsoft where you have had a website built for you and the developers have used tools that require it to run in a Microsoft environment.

Does the Control Panel have all the functionality you need?
You should expect to see:
* unlimited (or a large number) of email accounts and the tools to manage them.
* ability to setup multiple FTP accounts
* access to and control of databases
* tools to backup the site (and databases)
* it is also good to see support for Fantastico – which makes it very easy to install WordPress.

How good is the support?
Although I have put this at the end it is very important. The best service in the world is no good if you cannot get help from your website hosting provider. Look for the support options to include a toll free phone number. It is also worth searching the web to see feedback from real users.

Andy Nataghi is an enthusiast and writer about all things technical and has a particular interest in Website Hosting Providers. To see more detail on the above criteria for assessing hosting providers please visit

The Bohermeen Half Marathon 2014
free website hosting
Image by Peter Mooney
This is a photograph from the 3rd Annual Meath Spring Half Marathon and 10KM Road Races hosted by Bohermeen AC on the 2nd March 2014 at 12:00 at Bohermeen, Ardbraccan, Navan, Co. Meath, Ireland. This year’s event included a 10KM race which replaced the 5KM event held on the previous years. This event has grown quickly in popularity over the past few years with this year’s entry of 700 beating the previous race numbers of 680. This half marathon event is perfectly placed in the Irish running calendar as it provides runners of all levels and abilities an opportunity to test the half marathon distance in preparation for a Spring Marathon or as the first serious running goal of the New Year. Bohermeen AC is steeped in Irish athletics history since 1927 and it is this experience and exceptional community spirit and volunteering which has made this event today so successful. The very heavy rain that fell on the 10KM race and the begining of the Half Marathon did nothing to dampen the spirits of the participants. In fact, despite a head wind at certain parts of the course, this was a perfect day for road racing.

Our full set of photographs from today’s event are available on Flickr at the following link This set of photographs is mostly of the Half Marathon race but there are some from the 10KM event.

Don’t forget to scroll down to see more information about the race and these photographs!

Event Management was provided by Irish Company PRECISION TIMING who provided electronic timing for both events. The results from today’s events can be found on Precision Timing’s website at this URL […]

The Satellite Navigation Coordinates to Bohermeen are [53.650882,-6.77989] and is accessible using the M3, N2 and N52

The routing for the 2014 event has changed slightly from previous year. In 2014 the race starts about 100m away from the Bohermeen Club Race HQ [See Google StreetView in the direction of the imagery] and the race proceeds down the road towards Navan. Just before the 1st mile the race takes a right turn [see Google Streetview] which brings runners on the route of the famous Patrick Bell 5KM Road Race route held at Bohermeen every summer. Then the route turns slightly eastwards and this brings the race along a beautiful stretch of rural countryside road. This connects runners with the main loop [see Google StreetView] where the race follows the N51 towards Navan. The race must now complete this loop (which passes through the start area and past the finish) and then a full loop again before finishing in the Athletics track. The only hills to speak of in this course are on the the stretch where the race route crosses the M3 motorway (see Google Streetview – as of March 2014 their imagery is a little out of date for the M3 The only major climb on the course must be tackled twice as the road rises up over the M3 Motorway. This comes at about the 5M and 11.5 Mile mark in the race.

Some useful links to other web-resources related to this race

Bohermeen AC Facebook Page:

2014 Spring Half Marathon Route:
2014 Spring Half Marathon 10KM Race Option Route:
Google Streetview of the Race Start:
Google Streetview of the Race Finish and Race Headquarters:
Internet Homepage for the Spring Half Marathon []

Results from 2013 from Precision Timing:…
Results from 2012 from Precision Timing:…

The Athletics Forum Thread For 2013 Race […]
The Athletics Forum Thread For 2014 Race []

Photographs from previous events

Our Flickr Photograph set from the 2nd Spring Marathon 2013:
Our Flickr set from the 1st Spring Marathon (2012)…
Photographs from the 2013 event from our friend Paul Reilly []

We use Creative Commons Licensing for these photographs
We use the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License for all our photographs here in this photograph set. What does this mean in reality?
The explaination is very simple.
Attribution– anyone using our photographs gives us an appropriate credit for it. This ensures that people aren’t taking our photographs and passing them off as their own.
ShareAlike – anyone can use these photographs, and make changes if they like, or incorporate them into a bigger project, but they must make those changes available back to the community under the same terms.

Creative Commons aims to encourage creative sharing. See some examples of Creative Commons photographs on Flickr:

Can I use these photographs directly from Flickr on my social media account(s)?

Yes – of course you can! Flickr provides several ways to share this and other photographs in this Flickr set. You can share to: email, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, LiveJournal, and WordPress and Blogger blog sites. Your mobile, tablet, or desktop device will also offer you several different options for sharing this photo page on your social media outlets.

We take these photographs as a hobby and as a contribution to the running community in Ireland. Our only "cost" is our request that if you are using these images: (1) on social media sites such as Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter,LinkedIn, Google+, etc or (2) other websites, blogs, web multimedia, commercial/promotional material that you must provide a link back to our Flickr page to attribute us.

This also extends the use of these images for Facebook profile pictures. In these cases please make a separate wall or blog post with a link to our Flickr page. If you do not know how this should be done for Facebook or other social media please email us and we will be happy to help suggest how to link to us.

How can I get full resolution, print-quality, copies of these photographs?

If you just need these photographs for online usage then they can be used directly once you respect their Creative Commons license and provide a link back to our Flickr set if you use them. For offline usage and printing all of the photographs posted here on this Flickr set are available free, at no cost, at full image resolution.

Please email petermooney78 AT gmail DOT com with the links to the photographs you would like to obtain a full resolution copy of. We also ask race organisers, media, etc to ask for permission before use of our images for flyers, posters, etc. We reserve the right to refuse a request.

In summary please remember when requesting photographs from usIf you are using the photographs online all we ask is for you to provide a link back to our Flickr set or Flickr pages. You will find the link above clearly outlined in the description text which accompanies this photograph. Taking these photographs and preparing them for online posting does take a significant effort and time. We are not posting photographs to Flickr for commercial reasons. If you really like what we do please spread the link around your social media, send us an email, leave a comment beside the photographs, send us a Flickr email, etc. If you are using the photographs in newspapers or magazines we ask that you mention where the original photograph came from.

I would like to contribute something for your photograph(s)?
Many people offer payment for our photographs. As stated above we do not charge for these photographs. We take these photographs as our contribution to the running community in Ireland. If you feel that the photograph(s) you request are good enough that you would consider paying for their purchase from other photographic providers or in other circumstances we would suggest that you can provide a donation to any of the great charities in Ireland who do work for Cancer Care or Cancer Research in Ireland.

I ran in the race – but my photograph doesn’t appear here in your Flickr set! What gives?

As mentioned above we take these photographs as a hobby and as a voluntary contribution to the running community in Ireland. Very often we have actually ran in the same race and then switched to photographer mode after we finished the race. Consequently, we feel that we have no obligations to capture a photograph of every participant in the race. However, we do try our very best to capture as many participants as possible. But this is sometimes not possible for a variety of reasons:

     ►You were hidden behind another participant as you passed our camera
     ►Weather or lighting conditions meant that we had some photographs with blurry content which we did not upload to our Flickr set
     ►There were too many people – some races attract thousands of participants and as amateur photographs we cannot hope to capture photographs of everyone
     ►We simply missed you – sorry about that – we did our best!

You can email us petermooney78 AT gmail DOT com to enquire if we have a photograph of you which didn’t make the final Flickr selection for the race. But we cannot promise that there will be photograph there. As alternatives we advise you to contact the race organisers to enquire if there were (1) other photographs taking photographs at the race event or if (2) there were professional commercial sports photographers taking photographs which might have some photographs of you available for purchase. You might find some links for further information above.

Don’t like your photograph here?
That’s OK! We understand!

If, for any reason, you are not happy or comfortable with your picture appearing here in this photoset on Flickr then please email us at petermooney78 AT gmail DOT com and we will remove it as soon as possible. We give careful consideration to each photograph before uploading.

I want to tell people about these great photographs!
Great! Thank you! The best link to spread the word around is probably

How to: Free Website Hosting + Custom Domain with Github Pages

Github Pages documentation:

My website:

Here are the DNS settings I got working for a domain hosted on Hover:

Website Hosting Review – Top 20 Best Web Hosting Service Providers

Copyright (c) 2013 Robert Slavinski Jr

Website hosting has been one of the fastest growing online internet services due to the creation of the world wide web. Every year several new web hosting providers are created to profit from the exploding growth of website hosting, all striving to be the best in the business. Due to the demand for website services and increased competition many companies offer deep discounts to gain and maintain new customers. Extremely cheap premium hosting services are now available for as low as $ 1.99 a month in comparison to almost $ 15.00 A few years ago. Along with such cheap web hosting prices, they provide many new features such as free website templates, free E-mail service, analytics integration, website optimization, network tools, search engine optimization, web promote, 24/7 customer service plus much more. All of these services are a huge advantage to the website consumer because it saves them time and money.

The range of web hosting services varies greatly from small web pages to very large business websites. Smaller websites use a simple file transfer to upload the website to your hosting account. Very large business websites often get hosting from alternate companies due to special features not available from your average provider. In retrospect smaller to midsize companies can now obtain hosting services at much more affordable prices from average service providers. Personal website hosting, in many cases, is Free due to sponsored advertising on the website from the hosting provider. As technologies advance, many different types of hosting are available. In shared web hosting many different websites share a server. Other new types of hosting include reseller web hosting, virtual dedicated server or commonly referred to as (VDS), dedicated hosting service, managed hosting service, and coldfusion hosting. The newest hosting solution available is called cloud hosting. The cloud hosting platform offers powerful as well as very reliable hosting due to its ability to cluster together servers as well as billing. Cloud hosting also has the ability to charge their customers for the amount of service they have used as opposed to a monthly flat rate.

There is also a relatively new from of web hosting called green hosting which is an environmentally eco-friendly web service provider. Green hosting uses newly developed green technologies to operate in an environmentally friendly manner and help reduce negative environmental impacts. When choosing a provider the consumer should take into account what their website will require, whether its a personal webpage, home business, large business or just a simple website. Remember that different hosting solutions will require different database servers as well as operating systems which can easily be explained by simply calling any average website hosting provider. World wide web and internet use is still growing rapidly every year in the United States, as well as worldwide. It is estimated that worldwide Internet use is experiencing 400% to 1000% growth each year. Due to such rapid growth the combined enery cost of servers in the united states and the rest of the world is over 10 billion dollars a year. Just think, The terms website hosting or web host provider were almost no-existent just 15 years ago, it is truly amazing how the world wide web and web Hosting have evolved and grown in such a relatively short time span. In conclusion, when you are ready for a web hosting company simply go to yahoo or google and type the keywords web hosting and you will find more web providers with more options than you would ever think possible. In conclusion, if you are looking for a web hosting company for your business, website, blog or any other reason and want find the best quality and service at the lowest prices available please visit worlds best hosting.

If your are looking for a web hosting company for your business, website, blog or any other reason and want find the best quality and service at the lowest prices available please visit us at

Celebrating new mates #fish #music #mysen @teamkraft
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Image by Mobilephotos@heidenstrom
My happy mate Ingar @teamkraft, ands over head after Fish had his
concert on Ingar’s barn and farm.

From the Fish own website:

Musical/acting experience:
First gig (as a punter): Yes, supported by Gryphon, at Usher Hall,
Edinburgh, 1974.
First audition (vocalist): March 1980 – Not Quite Red Fox, failed due
to lack of experience. NQRF’s bassist/vocalist had been approached by
Marillion to replace Doug Irving. They met at a Battle of the Bands
competition in Luton, but never followed it up and lost contact!
First gig (as a vocalist): 1980 Golden Lion, Galashiels, vocalist with
Blewitt (lead guitar, Frank Usher)
Audition with Stranger (Kettering-based), failed due to "voice too quiet"
Audition with Stone Dome Band (Retford-based), successful (bass
player, Diz Minnit) November 1980 – rented a cottage in Dalkeith with
November 1980: Return to gigging with Blewitt
December 1980: First contact with Steve Rothery and Marillion
(Aylesbury), audition successful (including Diz)
15th March 1981: First gig with Marillion, Red Lion pub, Bicester
8th September 1982: Marillion signed to EMI
Oct 1982: First single "Market Square Heroes" released
March 1983: First album "Script For A Jester’s Tear" released
March 1984: "Fugazi" album released.
April 1985: "Kayleigh" single released reaching number two in UK charts
1985: Appears on "The Old Grey Whistle Test" Episode #15.10 (date uncertain)
June 1985: "Misplaced Childhood" album released, number one chart position in UK
12 September 1985: Appears on "Top of the Pops"
21 May 1987: Appears on "Top of the Pops"
June 1987: "Clutching At Straws" album released
30 July 1987: Appears on "Top of the Pops"
February 1988: Appears in "The Comic Strip Presents…" episode titled
‘More Bad News’
11 June 1988: Appears at the Nelson Mandela 70th Birthday Tribute at
Wembley Stadium
November 1988: Left Marillion. Moved to Spittalrig Farm, Haddington
11th October 1989: First solo gig (Mickey Simmonds – keyboards, Frank
Usher – guitar, Robin Boult – guitar, Mark Brzezicki – drums, Steve
Brzezicki – bass)
11 January 1990: Appears on "Top of the Pops"
Jan 1990: First solo album "Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors" released
First acting role as a guest star in an episode of "Zorro" called "The
Begins legal action against EMI to be freed from his contract, finally
culminating in an acrimonious split April 1991
Signs to Polydor Records
April 1991: Films "Jute City" for TV
Oct 1991: "Internal Exile" album released
Jan 1993: "Songs From The Mirror" album released
March 1993: Dropped by Polydor and establishes Dick Bros Records to
promote future releases and a small roster of bands
1994: Films widescreen acting debut as Angus Cameron in "Chasing The
Deer" released 1994
March 1994: "Sushi", a live album (recorded, coincidentally, on the
day he is dropped by Polydor) is the first Dick Bros release
May 1994: "Suits" album released
Tours continually during this time to fund the recording and promotion
of the new album. This leads to greater international exposure in
previously unexplored territories, culminating in the Yin & Yang
albums, a retrospective collection of 26 songs (13 of which were
re-recorded) released September 1995
13 June 1985: Appears on "Top of the Pops"
May 1997: "Sunsets On Empire" album released
March 1998: Appears in an episode of "The Bill" titled "Manhunt"
November 1998: Appears as Derek Trout in Channel 4’s ‘The Young
Person’s Guide To Becoming A Rock Star’
Summer 1998: Signs to Roadrunner, heralding the end of Dick Bros Records
November 1998: "Kettle Of Fish" greatest hits package released
April 1999: "Raingods With Zippos" album released
September 2000: More acting on TV, this time in "Taggart" episode "Skin Deep"
April 2000: More TV, in "Rebus" episode "Black & Blue"
April 2001: Appears on "Never Mind The Buzzcocks" TV show
May 2001: "Fellini Days" album released (by mail order only)
August 2001: "Fellini Days" released to retail outlets
29 August 2001: Appears on "Top of the Pops 2"
November 2001: Sells the Spittalrig Farmhouse and moves into the Studio
November 2001: Auditions for James Bond movie
December 2001: Appears on the Christmas special "Never Mind the
Buzzcocks" TV show
January 2002: Appears in 2 episodes of "Snoddy" TV series (starring
Gregor Fisher)
April 2002: Appears on the BBC programme "Closure" to apologise to
Kayleigh for putting her in song
May 2002: Appears in 2 episodes of "Caledonian McBrains" quiz show for
BBC Scotland
May 2002: Records vocal parts for "Caledonia" on Frankie Miller’s tribute album
May 2002: "Nine Dead Gay Guys" is premiered at the Cannes Film Festival
May 2002: BBC6 Music broadcast a live Fish gig
January 2003: Offered the part of "the hippy" in Queen’s musical "We
Will Rock You" (being played at that time by Nigel Planer). Refused
due to contract duration and location
January 2003: Writing begins on "Field of Crows"
November 2003: Appears on BBC’s "Children in Need" programme from Aberdeen
December 2003: "Field of Crows" released
January 2004: Accepts a role in John Maybury’s film "The Jacket"
February 2004: Appears on "Never Mind the Buzzcocks" TV show
May 2004: Appears in "Quite Ugly One Morning", a comedy film made for TV
January 2005: Voted at number 18 in The List’s "Best Scottish Band Of All Time"
April 2005: Tours to celebrate the 20th anniversary of "Misplaced Childhood"
December 2005: Hosts the Classic Rock Society awards and is presented
with a special award for 25 years in the music industry
December 2005: Appears in a celebrity version of "Weakest Link"
winning £18,350 which he shared with the runner-up – Eggsy of Goldie
Lookin’ Chain
December 2005: Successfully sues former employee Kim Waring at
Haddington Sheriff Court for £68,000 in missing cash and £100,000 in
April 2006: Interview with Radio 4 for a programme on the history of
Progressive Rock
September 2006: Appears on the BBC Radio 2 comedy show "Jammin’"
November 2006: LX Jovem webcast a Fish gig from Lisbon watched by over
25,000 people
January 2007: Writing begins for "13th Star" album
September 6th 2007: "13th Star" limited edition released (web site only)
February 12th 2008: "13th Star" released to retail
May 2008: Fish’s Planet Rock show ‘Fish on Fridays’ wins the Silver
award in the ‘Music Broadcaster of the Year’ category of the UK Sony
Radio Academy Awards 2008.

Selecting Inexpensive Website Hosting Providers – Recommendations For You To Follow

Many businesses provide you with inexpensive website hosting services nowadays. For this reason, prior to making any decision to invest in any of the web site hosting service, it is necessary that you ensure that you decide on a provider that provides low costs and good quality of service.

Prevent Free Website Hosting

You might think that no cost website hosting services are the very best means to get cheap website hosting. In reality, while it is true that you would acquire the service at zero cost, you may find yourself not getting any reward from doing so. If you intend to make your online web-site a marketing and advertising and income generation tool, establishing your site through a free web site hosting service provider is absolutely not the way to go.

This is because most of such free website hosting companies often use other websites to facilitate online hosting. Therefore, you wouldn’t actually get domain hosting. Ultimately, you won’t have the ability to entirely market your web site because it is in somebody else’s domain. If the hosting organization calls it quits, you must instantly say bye-bye to your website, regardless of whether you are prepared or not.

Evaluate Virtual Web Hosting Packages Available

Deal with choosing and obtaining cheap website hosting just like a real internet shopping activity. You should conduct a practical study to do a comparison of all main capabilities of available providers and services. Doing this should entail searching more closely at the web space provided and the bandwidth aside of course from the price.

It will always be best to choose an affordable website hosting service that would allow expansion in the long run. It would also be sensible to obtain an affordable package that is included with greater bandwidth and disc space. Your web site may not need that much bandwidth and space today, but it certainly would as it continues to operate and certainly grow.

Also pay close attention to the provider’s customer service and technical support system. Low-cost site hosting packages that consist of auto responders, multiple email accounts, cPanel, and 24/7 service should be prioritized and considered more.

Prioritize Web Design

Would you require to provide shopping carts and setup customer databases? What programming language would you make use of? These criteria cannot be ignored when you locate and opt for a cheap website hosting service. You could definitely find some providers that offer such factors with much reasonable prices as compared with the more pricey ones.

Learn how the web hosting service would impact, influence, and limit your ideal and specific web design. The layout you want may not be allowed and facilitated in a low-cost site hosting service you have selected. Once again, patiently scouting the market for services and providers would lead you to the best one.

Think in the long run as you find and go for low-cost web site hosting services and providers. Make sure the provider would have the ability to support your site and meet your needs. It would be disadvantageous to change a web host once you have established your website in the market.

Looking for cheap website hosting? Check out the link discount web hosting.

A Thousand Suns Wouldn’t Shine as Bright
free website hosting
Image by j-dub1980(THANK YOU FOR 100k+ Views)
Here is a (re-edited) image i made of the center of the milky way and constelltion sagittarius. I decided to adjust the color in post to represent the natural color temperature of the stars and galactic clouds of the milky way. Made using a 50mm F1.8 prime lens mounted on my Sony a390 DSLR. This was shot on California Highway 25 about 7 miles from Pinnacles National Monument in San Benito County (about 100 miles from the Bay area).
Today is the last day of International Dark Sky Week and as a night photographer, raising awareness about light pollution in paramount. Just imagine how nice it would be if we turned down the lights at night. The night sky would shower us with the beauty of the cosmos and dazzle with colorful stars, auroras and the majestic milky way each night. I hope you enjoy!

****Special Thanks*****
David Kingham and his blog and website offering free lightroom presets for astrophotography and night sky images. I recently attended a Night photography Webinar from Star Circle Academy hosted by Steven Christenson, featuring the techniques and live instructions by David Kingham. I utilized what i learned in the class processing this image and im quite pleased with the result.
If you are curious about David Kingham or Steven Christenson, please check them out on flickr or research their work. Im providing a link to David Kingham’s webpage so anyone interested can check it out…

Tutorial in Language : English
In this tutorial you will come to know that how to get free web hosting and domain name for your website.
Solution of “Could not connect to server” problem on Filezilla.


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