3 Reasons Why Free Site Hosting is Foolish

It is likely my favorite word whenever I see things that truly don’t make sense: stupid. That is undoubtedly exactly what I conclude when somebody wants to create their leading business using a free website. For the life of me, I don’t ever understand why people constantly are asking precisely how do they put together a business by having a freebie website or blog.

Do you know precisely how little this costs to have an online site of your own? I mean a website or blog that your business will actually own. Whenever you are on a free host, you don’t ever own your website or blog. Review the terms of service. Or perhaps it could be you don’t wish to because you are simply afraid of the things you’ll discover.

So here it is, the three reasons why free site hosting for your website is naive with regard to your premier business …

1. The host owns your business as a result you do not. This is actually due to the fact that your free hosting company regards your content as their property due to the fact that you didn’t pay to put it there. The thing that this additionally indicates is the host company providing the free domain hosting may take your webpages down anytime they want to. Generally there are actually no restrictions, as well as there is simply zero recourse for your business. Anyone might go to sleep this evening, and you believe every little thing is fine, and wake up tomorrow with your website or blog gone. And yes, this really takes place each day.

2. Free site hosting genuinely makes your website look like a free of charge website. It says cheapo all over it. It shows potential patrons you aren’t really serious. Think about this; when was actually the last time you purchased anything from a website on free hosting? The internet address gives this away, together with even when you are able to direct your personal domain to it, the appearances of the web page hides nothing. Nothing at all about a business opportunity on free site hosting exudes trust from a potential customer.

3. Try moving it in the event that you ultimately do take it seriously. Number one, why did you create your company wanting to fail anyway? That’s as half-witted as plopping your company upon free hosting sites. Second, explain why would you spend time moving a website as tacky looking as an online site from a free site hosting service provider?

My main thing is really this …

Everyone can have professional web hosting for $ 7.95 a month. For this cost anyone can absolutely have the web hosting, the professional e-mail service provider, a live virtual conference room, and also top quality video hosting. For this asking price, you can not even see a movie, and tell me when was the last time anyone MADE MONEY at a movie?

There definitely are also numerous options of professional themes for your website or blog that cost less than a dinner for 2. One in particular I recommend for people just getting started is Socrates. However that’s just 1 of a field of great choices – nonetheless, a good, and low cost method to put up a professional internet site rapidly, very easy, and for very low cost.

Fine, so I’m off my podium concerning silly free site hosting. Be well-qualified, since this doesn’t even set you back $ 10.

To find out more regarding exactly what is necessary to not use free site hosting and become a real pro with your online business venture, go here now: free site hosting

~10-04-14 Ubud Gardens #10~
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Image by TravelsThruTheUniverse

Museum Puri Lukisan

Discover the unique style of Balinese art at the island’s oldest art museum, established by a Dutch painter and the former prince of Ubud.

Set amongst tropical gardens in the center of Ubud, Puri Lukisan is the oldest art museum in Bali. This museum has an impressive range of traditional Balinese paintings, woodcarvings and contemporary Balinese artworks. The name Puri Lukisan means “palace of painting.”

Much of the work at the museum focuses on Balinese art, culture and history. The museum also showcases art by European expats, including Walter Spies from Germany and Rudolf Bonnet from The Netherlands.

In 1936, Bonnet established the Pita Maha, a co-operative to support the development of Balinese artists. With the help of the Ubud prince Tjokorda Gde Agung Sukawati, Bonnet created the Puri Lukisan Museum in 1954. Bonnet became the museum’s first curator. Both men died in 1978, but their legacy lives on.

Visit the museum’s original gallery, named Pitamaha, to see paintings by influential European artists in Bali and the works by their students. I Gusti Nyoman Lempad was one of them; he painted the mural outside, a replica of the original depiction of local rice paddies.

In other galleries, browse post-World War II Balinese art and see examples of the classical Kamasan style, originating in Java. There is also a collection of works focusing on traditional Balinese scenes and styles. Keep an eye out for the woodcarvings throughout the grounds.

Take your time and spend a few hours in the complex, which includes a bookstore, a gift shop and a balé (coffee shop) for refreshments. The museum also hosts guided tours, shows and workshops, which include painting, dancing, music, woodcarving and batik, a method of dyeing cloth. Check the museum’s website for prices and programs.

Museum Puri Lukisan is located along the main street in Ubud. There is free parking. The museum is open daily, except major public holidays. There is a small admission fee for those above 15 years of age. Flash photography and tripods are prohibited. Most artworks have signs in English.

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