Why should I choose free web hosting?

Have you been wondering whether to start a website with free web hosting or a paid one? Well yes, this often captures a naive web owner’s mind in making a choice amongst the two options available. Free web hosting of course offers you one primary benefit: it is simplest and it is completely free!

Free web hosting has undoubtedly become one of the most popular and widely used forms of web hosting in the industry. It offers free web space on its servers for the designing and hosting of the website without any fee. Though free web hosting do have limited web hosting features with many adverts plastered on your websites, but the advantages simple outgo all the limitations.

With free web hosting, you can build your own website absolutely free. This is particularly a good opportunity for beginners to learn more about how to design a website and create one for their personal or business use. Even experienced webmasters for that matter can make the most of this service to enhance their HTML skills, create websites as per their needs and experiment with the design of the websites.

You can also choose free web hosting simply because it also enables you to share your web contents with people with whom you share similar interests. Many voluntary or non profit-making websites with low start up capital generally opt for free web hosting services for circulating information about events and other activities. This also stands a great option for making a family website for sharing photos, videos and important events. And of course, creating a free website is very easy and time saving, with amazing features that you need not pay extra for features, which you do not really need for your website.

Web designing students can also look for free web hosting as an option to learn more about designing, developing, maintaining and monitoring a website on the Internet. Besides, many free web hosts also offer features similar to a paid hosting like cPanel, email, PHP, subdomains, MySQL, free templates, front page extensions, etc.

What’s more? These days many web hosting plans have become very cheap and are also accompanies with more web space, greater bandwidth and unlimited features, to survive in the touch competition.

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Mini Banner mask on mannequin in window display of Paper Dress Boutique, Shoreditch London
free website hosting
Image by craftivist collective
Photos by Robin Prime / Craftivist Collective

Fly solidarity’s flag for those suffering as a result of the world’s injustices. Craft your own banner, turn heads and influence change.

Imagine walking down the street and spotting a colourful cross-stitched banner out of the corner of your eye. You stop to look more closely and discover a startling fact about human rights abuses, or perhaps an encouraging quote urging you to be the change you want to see in the world.

One of the reasons why we love craftivism is that it is beautiful and non-threatening, engaging with people where they are, rather than shoving our message down their throats. That’s why our small, provocative Mini Protest Banners are so effective.

While stitching your banner, you will have the opportunity to reflect on important issues (our kits include ‘crafter-thought’ questions for you to reflect on), whether that’s the shameful practices that go on in sweatshops or the need to live in an environmentally sustainable way.

And by hanging your banner in public, you engage others in the fight for a fairer, more beautiful world in a provocative but thoughtful way, without them feeling threatened or preached at.

Hundreds of craftivists have used this project to great effect each September over the last three years, to support War on Want’s ‘Love Fashion, Hate Sweatshops’ campaign. But you can stitch a Mini Banner at any time, with any gentle protest message.

Just remember to avoid aggressive finger-pointing or blame – the idea is to make people think, and to encourage them that positive change can happen, and that they can be a part of it!

Stitch your banner on your own while you reflect on the issues at hand, or get together for a group stitch-in hosting an event where you can discuss your ideas with others, be encouraged by liked-minded people, and if you do it in public or a cafe hopefully you will also engage curious passers-by, who will wonder what you’re up to!

So… order your craftivism kit, pick up your scissors, and start shaping the future of our world into a more sustainable, beautiful place for all with us? Craft alone or with friends, family, or even set up a public stitch-in and bring the discussion to passersby and at other events. Tag us @craftivists on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest or ‘Craftivist Collective’ on Facebook) so we can share your creations with others (unless you say otherwise) and we can all join the conversation. You can also do a guest blog for this website to share your crafter-thoughts and hopes like these craftivists have here in our series “My Craftivism”

Made ethically in the UK, each item you buy comes with 2 free stickers through the post.

What’s inside:

Cross stitch aida
Upcycled patterned cotton fabric with two eyelets
2 cable ties
Embroidery thread
Detailed instructions
Tips & message ideas
Crafter-thought questions to reflect on whilst stitching
Craftivist Collective label
Plus 2 free little gifts for you x
Use with courage and care.



I don’t own the musics used
Come And Play
Letter Of Intent
River Flow
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Choose Cheap Website Hosting Company Over Free Hosting

With the advent and rapid advancement of technology, more and more people are interested in marking their presence on the internet. The only way to mark one’s presence on the internet is by making websites. Due to increased reported profits by companies that have dominated over the internet, a lot of people now want to follow their footsteps and make their websites to earn profit. However, as simple as it sounds, in reality, things are not as simple. For making a website, there are many things that you need but for starters, you need to choose a domain name and check its availability on the internet.

Website starts with a domain name which basically is the website address. You need to make sure you check the domain name’s availability to make sure you get the name you want. Next up is web hosting. This is one of the most important things users need to focus on when it comes to website making. There are many website hosting companies out there and while a lot of people look for a cheap website hosting company, others are on the lookout for free hosting companies. Free hosting companies are found in abundance but they don’t provide the services that a good web hosting company does. A lot of free hosting companies found on the internet claim to be “free” and also claim to provide free of charge hosting but there are so many uncovered fees that you are required to pay later on.

Instead of looking for a free hosting company, one should choose a cheap website hosting company. The importance of a webhost is high since a webhost determines how good your website will do. If you do not select a good website hosting company, you will end up suffering because your website will experience a lot of downtime that will annoy users and make them stop visiting your website, which will translate into loss of revenue for you at the end. There are plenty of website hosting companies that provide outstanding services at reasonable or cheap prices.

To find out more about these website hosting companies, you should conduct some research on the internet. You should start by researching on the best webhosting companies and then narrow down your research to 3-5 webhosting companies. Once you have narrowed your results, you should then compare these companies on basis of what they are providing and their fee. It is important to look at the features these companies are providing because many companies provide features that are not important for many users, which basically means that you will end up paying for features that you are not going to use anyway.

However, before researching, you should have a clear idea about your budget and how much you are willing to spend. You should also try to increase your budget limit and get a good webhosting company instead of choosing a cheap or free one that doesn’t provide good services. There are different names in the webhosting business that are very popular because of their services which includes FatCow, HostGator, BlueHost and others.

Once you have selected the webhost company, you should then jump on to the other thing such as web design and content, between others. Everybody should make the wise decision of going for a cheap website hosting company if they are on a tight budget instead of free of cost hosting as hosting is very important for every website. Make the right decision of choosing the right webhost and see your business or either website flourish in the long run.

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Is Imagelogr.com Trying to Be the Largest Copyright Infringer of All Time?
free website hosting
Image by Thomas Hawk
My friends ZeeAnna! and Burnt Umber tipped me off today to a new search engine operating out there called Imagelogr. Only it’s not like your traditional image search engine. Most image search engines like Google or Bing include a link back to the images that they search from the web.

Not so with Imagelogr.

Imagelogr claims to be scraping the entire "free web" and seems to have hit Flickr especially hard, copying full-sized images of yours and mine to their own servers where they are hosting them without any attribution or links back to the original image in violation of all available licenses on Flickr. If people on Imagelogr want to they can manipulate your images, rotate them, see them at different sizes up to 300% and even download the images with a download button directly from the site.

Want to know if they’ve stolen some of your flickr Images? Just go here and type in your flickr name in the search box and see if any come back.

I don’t know much about the new search engine. There is not much information to identify who is actually behind it. According to their masked domain registation, the site, currently registered with godaddy, was set up there in April of 2010. The site currently boasts to be tracking over 24 *billion* (yes, billion with a B) images. If their numbers are true, this may in fact be the largest image grab in the history of Flickr.

At the site under a "legal" link there is a Terms of Service page that reads "coming soon." Under their contact link they provide you the email address: imagelogr [at] gmail [dot] com. I emailed them to ask what is up with their view of image licensing and will report back if I get an answer back from them.

Under their main page of the site they have a site description that reads as follows: "Imagelogr.com is an image & picture search engine. We try to index pretty much every picture & image currently available on the free internet. With our powerful search engine finding these images should be fairly easy. We also offer a few image manipulation tools to stand out from the competition."

I think it’s a bit misleading for them to try and tie their search engine with the "free" internet. It might give people the impression that any images that are on their site can be used for free, which is definitely not the case. People who erroneously assume that they can use the images on this site may end up being liable for copyright infringement if they do.

Interestingly enough, it looks like they are even indexing a bunch of Getty Images photographs, which I guarantee you won’t last long. In fact it appears that while the thumbnail images for Getty are still there, if you click through to the larger sized images many are already showing as not available on the site.

Some users at Flickr started complaining about this in a thread in the Flickr Help Forum, but in usual Flickr fashion they censored the thread by locking it down. Wouldn’t want it getting out there now that there was a wholesale rip off of flickr images going on. Thanks alot Flickr!

Update: It looks like Imagelogr is rapidly trying to do damage control. Since I wrote this post they have added a disclaimer on images that they may be copyrighted as well as added a source link to images and a link to their site for "image removal" which reads as follows:

"If you are the owner of copyrighted content that is displayed on Imagelogr.com, we will gladly remove those images.

Please email us the exact links of the image pages where your content is being displayed.

Make sure you send us the links to the image page, NOT the search pages.

GOOD EXAMPLE: www.imagelogr.com/image/nUE0pQbiY2Mupz00YaA0LKEcLl5zoTywn…
BAD EXAMPLE: www.imagelogr.com/images.php?q=new+york

Email your removal URL’s to imagelogr [at] gmail [dot] com and we will remove them within 48 hours."

I’m not sure why they’d think that giving people a way to have their images removed absolves them from image theft, but we’ll see what happens. They seem to be adapting quickly.

Update #2: Imagelogr is now offline, if you go to their url it is replaced with the following message: "Imagelogr.com is currently offline as we are improving the website. Due to copyright issues we are now changing some stuff around to make people happy. Please check back soon."

Update #3: On Slashdot here.

Update #4: domainlogr has responded with the following explanation:

"What Happened To Imagelogr.com?

If you are wondering why you are being redirected to domainlogr.com instead of landing on imagelogr.com, this page is for you.

We recently launched a little site called imagelogr.com using the Yahoo! BOSS api. It was a little image search engine that was far from finished. The site was just online, didn’t have any traffic, and we didn’t actually host any images. The whole site was maybe 50kb of php files 🙂

Because the ‘back-to-source’ links were still missing, someone started a post on Flickr claiming we stole billions of images. The counter on our frontpage stating (We are now indexing images) was just a number made up by us, and actually didn’t mean much. It was a guess number of how many images Yahoo! would have in its database approximately.

When the news started to spread that we posted full size images without a ‘back-to-source’ link, we quickly took action and added 2 source links on each page and added a copyright notice stating that he image shown might be copyrighted. After the news was posted on Slashdot and countless other blog and news sites, the emails with complains were coming in rapidly.

In the end we just decided to take the website offline.

This whole Imagelogr project was a non-profit website, we did not display a single ad on the site. We simply tried to make a better images search engine than the currently available ones.

For now the website will remain offline, and it is our plan to turn it into a Google Images like website (with frames linking to the original source) over the next couple of days. Until that time, we are forwarding all traffic to this domain."

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How to Choose a Website Hosting Company Part II

Depending on the level of website expertise in your company, you may want to handle updating your website in-house, or you may want someone else to do it. There are many website hosting companies that offer website maintenance as part of their package, and you may find this an attractive option. But be aware of two things–one, how quickly will the company make your changes? And two, will they allow you or a third party (that you hire) to make changes, or do all changes have to go through them? The term to look for is “FTP access,” which means that you have access to the username and password which will allow you or someone that you authorize to add new pages or change files on your website without going through a middleman.

What special scripts or functions will your website use?

Depending on the purpose and functions of your website, and who designs it, you may need your website hosting company to support any of the following: databases (such as Microsoft Access, SQL, or MySQL), Flash/Shockwave, multimedia, e-commerce, and various scripting languages (such as ASP, PHP, and ColdFusion, all of which come in various versions, cgi, and perl).

If you are considering moving your current website to a new website hosting company, talk to the website designer/developer to see which of these, if any, apply to your website. And if you are planning to have a website created, choose your designer/developer first and then have him or her assist you in determining which scripts or functions the website will be using.

Can you easily track and analyze your visitor traffic?

Some website hosting companies include a traffic statistics program with all of their hosting plans. Some offer it as an add-on service. And some don’t bother with it at all. If you want to have any clue about whether your website is making a positive difference for your company, you’ll need to have access to good traffic statistics. Personally, I favor the program Urchin, which is offered by several website hosting companies. It is easy to use and allows you to look at a variety of data in various time ranges. You can also export data to Microsoft Excel or Word or a text file.

What customer support options are available?

Most website hosting companies will offer free support by email, but you may also want to be able to talk to them by phone. See if they charge for that. Some also offer “live chat” over the Internet at certain times, which may or may not be helpful, depending on how many customers are trying to use it at once.

What do other people say about them?

Focus on the customer’s experience with using the website hosting service, if there is good customer support, and what their experience is with “downtime”–times when the website hosting company’s server is not working, and no one is able to visit your website. This should be close to non-existent.

Things to avoid

Free website hosting is usually not a good deal. They are likely to display ads on your website that you have no control over, to have little to no customer support, and they may close up shop without warning. Quality website hosting is available now for a very low price from many companies, so being miserly in this area will only hurt you.

You will also want to carefully read a website hosting company’s terms of service before signing up with them. Some have restrictions on what material you can put on your site or what kind of email you can send (such as ads that might be regarded as spam). If there are restrictions, make sure you can live with them, or find a different website hosting company.

Does price mean anything?

I started this article with the idea that you shouldn’t choose a company based on price. But should the price have any affect on your decision? Sure it can. If two hosting plans are equal in all ways except the cost, go with the cheaper one. But your main criteria should be the rest of the items discussed in this article.

Don’t freak out!

One last point–if you choose the wrong website hosting provider, it’s usually not hard to switch to a new one! So don’t get bogged down with trying to find the perfect website hosting company. There are many good ones out there. The important thing is to get your website on the Internet!

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Roadtrip, Koln(Cologne) Photokina and Luik(Liege)
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Image by F.d.W.
Roadtrip, Koln(Cologne) Photokina and Luik(Liege)


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For the 1920s sound-on-disc movie sound system, see Photokinema.

Photokina logo

South Entrance of the Cologne Trade Fair during Photokina 2008.
The Photokina (rendered in the promoters’ branding as photokina) is the world’s largest trade fair for the photographic and imaging industries. The first Photokina was held in Cologne, Germany, in 1950, and it is now held biennially in September at the koelnmesse Trade Fair and Exhibition Centre. Many photographic and imaging companies introduce and showcase state of the art imaging products at Photokina. The show has two main competitors, both annual shows held in different parts of the world. The CP+ show in Yokohama, Japan, originally the Japan Camera Show, has been held since the early 1960s. In the U.S., the main photography show is PMA@CES, which since 2012 has coincided with the International CES consumer electronics show in Las Vegas.



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This article is about the German city. For the perfume, see Eau de Cologne. For other uses, see Cologne (disambiguation) and Köln (disambiguation).


From top to bottom, left to right: Hohenzollern Bridge by night, Great St. Martin Church, Colonius TV-tower, Cologne Cathedral, Kranhaus buildings in Rheinauhafen, MediaPark
From top to bottom, left to right:

Hohenzollern Bridge by night, Great St. Martin Church, Colonius TV-tower, Cologne Cathedral, Kranhaus buildings in Rheinauhafen, MediaPark

Flag of Cologne
Flag Coat of arms of Cologne
Coat of arms

Cologne is located in Germany



Cologne within North Rhine-Westphalia [show]

North rhine w K.svg

Coordinates: 50°56′11″N 6°57′10″ECoordinates: 50°56′11″N 6°57′10″E


North Rhine-Westphalia

Admin. region

Urban districts of Germany

38 BC


• Lord Mayor
Jürgen Roters (SPD)


• Total
405.15 km2 (156.43 sq mi)

37 m (121 ft)

Population (2013-12-31)[1]

• Total

• Density
2,600/km2 (6,600/sq mi)

Time zone

Postal codes

Dialling codes
0221, 02203 (Porz)

Vehicle registration


Cologne (English pronunciation: /kəˈloʊn/, German: Köln [kœln] ( listen), Colognian: Kölle [ˈkœɫə] ( listen)) is Germany’s fourth-largest city (after Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich), and is the largest city both in the German Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia and within the Rhine-Ruhr Metropolitan Area, one of the major European metropolitan areas with more than ten million inhabitants.

Cologne is located on both sides of the Rhine River. The city’s famous Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom) is the seat of the Catholic Archbishop of Cologne. The University of Cologne (Universität zu Köln) is one of Europe’s oldest and largest universities.[2]

Cologne was founded and established in the first century AD, as the Roman Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium in Ubii territory.[3] It was the capital of the Roman province of Germania Inferior and the headquarters of the military in the region until occupied by the Franks in 462. During the Middle Ages it flourished as one of the most important major trade routes between east and west in Europe. Cologne was one of the leading members of the Hanseatic League and one of the largest cities north of the Alps in medieval and renaissance times. Up until World War II the city had undergone several other occupations by the French and also the British. Cologne was one of the most heavily bombed cities in Germany during World War II. The bombing reduced the population by 95% and destroyed almost the entire city. With the intention of restoring as many historic buildings as possible, the rebuilding has resulted in a very mixed and unique cityscape.

Cologne is a major cultural centre for the Rhineland; it is home to more than thirty museums and hundreds of galleries. Exhibitions range from local ancient Roman archeological sites to contemporary graphics and sculpture. The Cologne Trade Fair hosts a number of trade shows such as Art Cologne, imm Cologne, Gamescom, and the Photokina.



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This article is about the Belgian city. For other uses, see Liège (disambiguation).

"Liege" redirects here. For other uses, see Liege (disambiguation).


Municipality of Belgium
Liege View 03.jpg

Flag of Liège
Flag Coat of arms of Liège
Coat of arms

Liège is located in Belgium



Location in Belgium

Map of Liège[show]


Coordinates: 50°38′N 05°34′ECoordinates: 50°38′N 05°34′E


French Community





• Mayor
Willy Demeyer (PS)

• Governing party/ies
PS – cdH


• Total
69.39 km2 (26.79 sq mi)

Population (1 January 2013)[1]

• Total

• Density
2,800/km2 (7,300/sq mi)

Postal codes

Area codes


Liège (French pronunciation: ​[ljɛʒ]; Dutch: Luik, [lœyk] ( listen); Walloon: Lidje; German: Lüttich; Latin: Leodium; Limburgish: Luuk; Luxembourgish: Léck) is a major city and a municipality in the European country of Belgium. It is located in the province of the same name, Liège, of which it is the capital and is part of the Walloon (French-speaking) region of Belgium.

The city is situated in the valley of the Meuse River, in the east of Belgium, not far from borders with the Netherlands and with Germany. At Liège the Meuse river meets the river Ourthe. The city is part of the sillon industriel, the former industrial backbone of Wallonia. It still is the principal economic and cultural centre of the region.

The Liège municipality (i.e. the city proper) includes the former communes of Angleur, Bressoux, Chênée, Glain, Grivegnée, Jupille-sur-Meuse, Rocourt, and Wandre. In November 2012, Liège had 198,280 inhabitants. The metropolitan area, including the outer commuter zone, covers an area of 1,879 km2 (725 sq mi) and had a total population of 749,110 on 1 January 2008.[2][3] This includes a total of 52 municipalities, among others, Herstal and Seraing. Liège ranks as the third most populous urban area in Belgium, after Brussels and Antwerp, and the fourth municipality after Antwerp, Ghent and Charleroi.[3]


Station Luik-Guillemins

Ga naar: navigatie, zoeken

Station Luik-Guillemins
Relax … take it easy (7757527444).jpg
Opening 1 mei 1842
Telegrafische code FL
Aantal perrons 9
Lijn(en) 34 – 36 – 37 – 125 (- HSL 2 – HSL 3)
Coördinaten 50° 37′ NB, 5° 34′ OL
-Zondag (2009)
Beheerder NMBS

Station Luik-Guillemins

Station Luik-Guillemins

Stationsinformatie NMBS – Live stationsbord

Portaal Portaalicoon Openbaar vervoer

Station Luik-Guillemins (Frans: Liège-Guillemins) is het belangrijkste spoorwegstation van de stad Luik. Het station ligt op het einde van verschillende spoorlijnen. In reizigersaantallen is dit het op tien na drukste station in België en het op twee na drukste station van Wallonië, na Ottignies en Namen (reizigerstelling 2009)[2].

Het station is genoemd naar de wijk Guillemins, waarin het ligt. Deze wijk is op zijn beurt weer genoemd naar de kloosterorde van de Wilhelmieten, die daar in 1287 een klooster stichtte.


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How To Choose Best Free Web Hosting

Some web hosting companies offer hosting services for free. People who are going to have websites for the first time can open an account in any free hosting websites. You can either point your domain to the free host or create your open sub domain with the host. So for a starter, you need not spend even a penny to start a personal website. Free web hosting also includes free file and image hosting. These sites allow you to host your files and images for free, but there will be restrictions in the size of the uploaded file.

How do they offer free web hosting?

The answer to this question is simple. They place advertisements on your website at the top, bottom or anywhere in your webpage. They get money from the clicks generated from the advertisements on your website. Most of the hosts give pop up advertising which will be really irritating to some users. But this is their normal earning factor.

Is there any limitations? Yes, there might be many limitations. If you have signed up for a free hosting account, it might take 1 hour to 1 week to get your account activated. Many of the free web hosts approve new accounts manually. Since it is free, there won’t be any PHP, MySql, ASP support. The numbers of email IDs, FTP accounts are also limited. Most of the web host won’t give you the possibility to add additional domains to your account. All files are not supported for uploading to the server. Most of the hosts don’t allow you to upload compressed zip files for security reasons. Use a search engine to find your free web host.

There are also many forum based websites which offer post to host features. Here you have to register first to become a member for free. Then you can post in the forum by creating a thread or making a reply to another thread. By doing this you will start accumulating points. These points can be exchanged for a free hosting account. The more you post, the more features you will get in your hosting accounting. You can get more space, bandwidth, e-mail IDs in these websites. This is also an interesting concept. The owner of the website earns by displaying advertisements in the website. Thus, it helps both the owner and the members of the website simultaneously. If you don’t posts regularly in the forum, your account might be suspended.

If you are not satisfied with the free plan, you can upgrade to paid services. Paid services offer customized hosting with good customer support. It’s not necessary to move to a paid account, unless you are not satisfied with the current free services. Enjoy free hosting without spending your money.

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Banksy in Boston: F̶O̶L̶L̶O̶W̶ ̶Y̶O̶U̶R̶ ̶D̶R̶E̶A̶M̶S̶ CANCELLED, Essex St, Chinatown, Boston
free website hosting
Image by Chris Devers
Interestingly, both of the Boston area Banksy pieces are on Essex St:

F̶O̶L̶L̶O̶W̶ ̶Y̶O̶U̶R̶ ̶D̶R̶E̶A̶M̶S̶ CANCELLED (aka chimney sweep) in Chinatown, Boston
NO LOITRIN in Central Square, Cambridge.

Does that mean anything? It looks like he favors Essex named streets & roads when he can. In 2008, he did another notable Essex work in London, for example, and posters on the Banksy Forums picked up & discussed on the Essex link as well.

Is there an Essex Street in any of the other nearby towns? It looks like there are several: Brookline, Charlestown, Chelsea, Gloucester, Haverhill, Lawrence, Lynn, Medford, Melrose, Quincy, Revere, Salem, Saugus, Somerville, Swampscott, and Waltham. Most of these seem improbable to me, other than maybe Brookline, or maybe Somerville or Charlestown. But they start getting pretty suburban after that.

But, again, why "Essex"? In a comment on this photo, Birbeck helps clarify:

I can only surmise that he’s having a ‘dig’ at Essex UK, especially with the misspelling of ‘Loitering’. Here, the general view of the urban districts in Essex: working class but with right wing views; that they’re not the most intellectual bunch; rather obsessed with fashion (well, their idea of it); their place of worship is the shopping mall; enjoy rowdy nights out; girls are thought of as being dumb, fake blonde hair/tans and promiscuous; and guys are good at the ‘chit chat’, and swagger around showing off their dosh (money).

It was also the region that once had Europe’s largest Ford motor factory. In its heyday, 1 in 3 British cars were made in Dagenham, Essex. Pay was good for such unskilled labour, generations worked mind-numbing routines on assembly lines for 80 years. In 2002 the recession ended the dream.

• • • • •

Meredith Goldsten of the Boston Globe wrote to me on Facebook and asked for permission to run one of my Banksy photos in the newspaper, which I granted. Supposedly, this photo or one of the others I took appeared in the Globe on 15 May 2010, but I haven’t been able to find it. The online version of that day’s article, titled Tag — we’re it: Banksy, the controversial and elusive street artist, left his mark here. Or did he? uses a photo taken by "Essdras M. Suarez / Globe Staff". If I can find a copy of that day’s paper and verify that one of my Banksy photos was in there, I’ll scan the page & post a copy here 🙂

• This photo appeared on Grafitti – A arte das ruas on Yahoo Meme. Yes, Yahoo has a Tumblr/Posterous-esque "Meme" service now — I was as surprised as you are.

• This photo also appeared on Love Your Chaos on Tumblr, among other blogs. Thanks!

• • • • •

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Birth name

1974 or 1975 (1974 or 1975), Bristol, UK[1]


Street Art
Bristol underground scene


Naked Man Image
One Nation Under CCTV
Anarchist Rat
Ozone’s Angel
Pulp Fiction

Banksy is a pseudonymous[2][3][4] British graffiti artist. He is believed to be a native of Yate, South Gloucestershire, near Bristol[2] and to have been born in 1974,[5] but his identity is unknown.[6] According to Tristan Manco[who?], Banksy "was born in 1974 and raised in Bristol, England. The son of a photocopier technician, he trained as a butcher but became involved in graffiti during the great Bristol aerosol boom of the late 1980s."[7] His artworks are often satirical pieces of art on topics such as politics, culture, and ethics. His street art, which combines graffiti writing with a distinctive stencilling technique, is similar to Blek le Rat, who began to work with stencils in 1981 in Paris and members of the anarcho-punk band Crass who maintained a graffiti stencil campaign on the London Tube System in the late 1970s and early 1980s. His art has appeared in cities around the world.[8] Banksy’s work was born out of the Bristol underground scene which involved collaborations between artists and musicians.

Banksy does not sell photos of street graffiti.[9] Art auctioneers have been known to attempt to sell his street art on location and leave the problem of its removal in the hands of the winning bidder.[10]

Banksy’s first film, Exit Through The Gift Shop, billed as "the world’s first street art disaster movie", made its debut at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival.[11] The film was released in the UK on March 5.[12]


1 Career
•• 1.1 2000
•• 1.2 2002
•• 1.3 2003
•• 1.4 2004
•• 1.5 2005
•• 1.6 2006
•• 1.7 2007
•• 1.8 2008
•• 1.9 2009
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2 Notable art pieces
3 Technique
4 Identity
5 Controversy
6 Bibliography
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Banksy started as a freehand graffiti artist 1992–1994[14] as one of Bristol’s DryBreadZ Crew (DBZ), with Kato and Tes.[15] He was inspired by local artists and his work was part of the larger Bristol underground scene. From the start he used stencils as elements of his freehand pieces, too.[14] By 2000 he had turned to the art of stencilling after realising how much less time it took to complete a piece. He claims he changed to stencilling whilst he was hiding from the police under a train carriage, when he noticed the stencilled serial number[16] and by employing this technique, he soon became more widely noticed for his art around Bristol and London.[16]

Stencil on the waterline of The Thekla, an entertainment boat in central Bristol – (wider view). The image of Death is based on a 19th century etching illustrating the pestilence of The Great Stink.[17]

Banksy’s stencils feature striking and humorous images occasionally combined with slogans. The message is usually anti-war, anti-capitalist or anti-establishment. Subjects often include rats, monkeys, policemen, soldiers, children, and the elderly.

In late 2001, on a trip to Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, he met up with the Gen-X pastellist, visual activist, and recluse James DeWeaver in Byron Bay[clarification needed], where he stencilled a parachuting rat with a clothes peg on its nose above a toilet at the Arts Factory Lodge. This stencil can no longer be located. He also makes stickers (the Neighbourhood Watch subvert) and sculpture (the murdered phone-box), and was responsible for the cover art of Blur’s 2003 album Think Tank.


The album cover for Monk & Canatella‘s Do Community Service was conceived and illustrated by Banksy, based on his contribution to the "Walls on fire" event in Bristol 1998.[18][citation needed]


On 19 July 2002, Banksy’s first Los Angeles exhibition debuted at 33 1/3 Gallery, a small Silverlake venue owned by Frank Sosa. The exhibition, entitled Existencilism, was curated by 33 1/3 Gallery, Malathion, Funk Lazy Promotions, and B+.[19]


In 2003 in an exhibition called Turf War, held in a warehouse, Banksy painted on animals. Although the RSPCA declared the conditions suitable, an animal rights activist chained herself to the railings in protest.[20] He later moved on to producing subverted paintings; one example is Monet‘s Water Lily Pond, adapted to include urban detritus such as litter and a shopping trolley floating in its reflective waters; another is Edward Hopper‘s Nighthawks, redrawn to show that the characters are looking at a British football hooligan, dressed only in his Union Flag underpants, who has just thrown an object through the glass window of the cafe. These oil paintings were shown at a twelve-day exhibition in Westbourne Grove, London in 2005.[21]


In August 2004, Banksy produced a quantity of spoof British £10 notes substituting the picture of the Queen’s head with Princess Diana‘s head and changing the text "Bank of England" to "Banksy of England." Someone threw a large wad of these into a crowd at Notting Hill Carnival that year, which some recipients then tried to spend in local shops. These notes were also given with invitations to a Santa’s Ghetto exhibition by Pictures on Walls. The individual notes have since been selling on eBay for about £200 each. A wad of the notes were also thrown over a fence and into the crowd near the NME signing tent at The Reading Festival. A limited run of 50 signed posters containing ten uncut notes were also produced and sold by Pictures on Walls for £100 each to commemorate the death of Princess Diana. One of these sold in October 2007 at Bonhams auction house in London for £24,000.


In August 2005, Banksy, on a trip to the Palestinian territories, created nine images on Israel’s highly controversial West Bank barrier. He reportedly said "The Israeli government is building a wall surrounding the occupied Palestinian territories. It stands three times the height of the Berlin Wall and will eventually run for over 700km—the distance from London to Zurich. "[22]


• Banksy held an exhibition called Barely Legal, billed as a "three day vandalised warehouse extravaganza" in Los Angeles, on the weekend of 16 September. The exhibition featured a live "elephant in a room", painted in a pink and gold floral wallpaper pattern.[23]
• After Christina Aguilera bought an original of Queen Victoria as a lesbian and two prints for £25,000,[24] on 19 October 2006 a set of Kate Moss paintings sold in Sotheby’s London for £50,400, setting an auction record for Banksy’s work. The six silk-screen prints, featuring the model painted in the style of Andy Warhol‘s Marilyn Monroe pictures, sold for five times their estimated value. His stencil of a green Mona Lisa with real paint dripping from her eyes sold for £57,600 at the same auction.[25]
• In December, journalist Max Foster coined the phrase, "the Banksy Effect", to illustrate how interest in other street artists was growing on the back of Banksy’s success.[26]


• On 21 February 2007, Sotheby’s auction house in London auctioned three works, reaching the highest ever price for a Banksy work at auction: over £102,000 for his Bombing Middle England. Two of his other graffiti works, Balloon Girl and Bomb Hugger, sold for £37,200 and £31,200 respectively, which were well above their estimated prices.[27] The following day’s auction saw a further three Banksy works reach soaring prices: Ballerina With Action Man Parts reached £96,000; Glory sold for £72,000; Untitled (2004) sold for £33,600; all significantly above estimated values.[28] To coincide with the second day of auctions, Banksy updated his website with a new image of an auction house scene showing people bidding on a picture that said, "I Can’t Believe You Morons Actually Buy This Shit."[6]
• In February 2007, the owners of a house with a Banksy mural on the side in Bristol decided to sell the house through Red Propeller art gallery after offers fell through because the prospective buyers wanted to remove the mural. It is listed as a mural which comes with a house attached.[29]
• In April 2007, Transport for London painted over Banksy’s iconic image of a scene from Quentin Tarantino‘s Pulp Fiction, with Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta clutching bananas instead of guns. Although the image was very popular, Transport for London claimed that the "graffiti" created "a general atmosphere of neglect and social decay which in turn encourages crime" and their staff are "professional cleaners not professional art critics".[30] Banksy tagged the same site again (pictured at right). This time the actors were portrayed as holding real guns instead of bananas, but they were adorned with banana costumes. Banksy made a tribute art piece over this second Pulp Fiction piece. The tribute was for 19-year-old British graffiti artist Ozone, who was hit by an underground train in Barking, East London, along with fellow artist Wants, on 12 January 2007.[31] The piece was of an angel wearing a bullet-proof vest, holding a skull. He also wrote a note on his website, saying:

The last time I hit this spot I painted a crap picture of two men in banana costumes waving hand guns. A few weeks later a writer called Ozone completely dogged it and then wrote ‘If it’s better next time I’ll leave it’ in the bottom corner. When we lost Ozone we lost a fearless graffiti writer and as it turns out a pretty perceptive art critic. Ozone – rest in peace.[citation needed]

Ozone’s Angel

• On 27 April 2007, a new record high for the sale of Banksy’s work was set with the auction of the work Space Girl & Bird fetching £288,000 (US6,000), around 20 times the estimate at Bonhams of London.[32]
• On 21 May 2007 Banksy gained the award for Art’s Greatest living Briton. Banksy, as expected, did not turn up to collect his award, and continued with his notoriously anonymous status.
• On 4 June 2007, it was reported that Banksy’s The Drinker had been stolen.[33][34]
• In October 2007, most of his works offered for sale at Bonhams auction house in London sold for more than twice their reserve price.[35]

• Banksy has published a "manifesto" on his website.[36] The text of the manifesto is credited as the diary entry of one Lieutenant Colonel Mervin Willett Gonin, DSO, which is exhibited in the Imperial War Museum. It describes how a shipment of lipstick to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp immediately after its liberation at the end of World War II helped the internees regain their humanity. However, as of 18 January 2008, Banksy’s Manifesto has been substituted with Graffiti Heroes #03 that describes Peter Chappell’s graffiti quest of the 1970s that worked to free George Davis of his imprisonment.[37] By 12 August 2009 he was relying on Emo Phillips’ "When I was a kid I used to pray every night for a new bicycle. Then I realised God doesn’t work that way, so I stole one and prayed for forgiveness."
• A small number of Banksy’s works can be seen in the movie Children of Men, including a stenciled image of two policemen kissing and another stencil of a child looking down a shop.
• In the 2007 film Shoot ‘Em Up starring Clive Owen, Banksy’s tag can be seen on a dumpster in the film’s credits.
• Banksy, who deals mostly with Lazarides Gallery in London, claims that the exhibition at Vanina Holasek Gallery in New York (his first major exhibition in that city) is unauthorised. The exhibition featured 62 of his paintings and prints.[38]


• In March, a stencilled graffiti work appeared on Thames Water tower in the middle of the Holland Park roundabout, and it was widely attributed to Banksy. It was of a child painting the tag "Take this Society" in bright orange. London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham spokesman, Councillor Greg Smith branded the art as vandalism, and ordered its immediate removal, which was carried out by H&F council workmen within three days.[39]
• Over the weekend 3–5 May in London, Banksy hosted an exhibition called The Cans Festival. It was situated on Leake Street, a road tunnel formerly used by Eurostar underneath London Waterloo station. Graffiti artists with stencils were invited to join in and paint their own artwork, as long as it didn’t cover anyone else’s.[40] Artists included Blek le Rat, Broken Crow, C215, Cartrain, Dolk, Dotmasters, J.Glover, Eine, Eelus, Hero, Pure evil, Jef Aérosol, Mr Brainwash, Tom Civil and Roadsworth.[citation needed]
• In late August 2008, marking the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and the associated levee failure disaster, Banksy produced a series of works in New Orleans, Louisiana, mostly on buildings derelict since the disaster.[41]
• A stencil painting attributed to Banksy appeared at a vacant petrol station in the Ensley neighbourhood of Birmingham, Alabama on 29 August as Hurricane Gustav approached the New Orleans area. The painting depicting a hooded member of the Ku Klux Klan hanging from a noose was quickly covered with black spray paint and later removed altogether.[42]
• His first official exhibition in New York, the "Village Pet Store And Charcoal Grill," opened 5 October 2008. The animatronic pets in the store window include a mother hen watching over her baby Chicken McNuggets as they peck at a barbecue sauce packet, and a rabbit putting makeup on in a mirror.[43]
• The Westminster City Council stated in October 2008 that the work "One Nation Under CCTV", painted in April 2008 will be painted over as it is graffiti. The council says it will remove any graffiti, regardless of the reputation of its creator, and specifically stated that Banksy "has no more right to paint graffiti than a child". Robert Davis, the chairman of the council planning committee told The Times newspaper: "If we condone this then we might as well say that any kid with a spray can is producing art". [44] The work was painted over in April 2009.
• In December 2008, The Little Diver, a Banksy image of a diver in a duffle coat in Melbourne Australia was vandalised. The image was protected by a sheet of clear perspex, however silver paint was poured behind the protective sheet and later tagged with the words "Banksy woz ere". The image was almost completely destroyed.[45].


• May 2009, parts company with agent Steve Lazarides. Announces Pest Control [46] the handling service who act on his behalf will be the only point of sale for new works.
• On 13 June 2009, the Banksy UK Summer show opened at Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery, featuring more than 100 works of art, including animatronics and installations; it is his largest exhibition yet, featuring 78 new works.[47][48] Reaction to the show was positive, with over 8,500 visitors to the show on the first weekend.[49] Over the course of the twelve weeks, the exhibition has been visited over 300,000 times.[50]
• In September 2009, a Banksy work parodying the Royal Family was partially destroyed by Hackney Council after they served an enforcement notice for graffiti removal to the former address of the property owner. The mural had been commissioned for the 2003 Blur single "Crazy Beat" and the property owner, who had allowed the piece to be painted, was reported to have been in tears when she saw it was being painted over.[51]
• In December 2009, Banksy marked the end of the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference by painting four murals on global warming. One included "I don’t believe in global warming" which was submerged in water.[52]


• The world premiere of the film Exit Through the Gift Shop occurred at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, on 24 January. He created 10 street pieces around Park City and Salt Lake City to tie in with the screening.[53]
• In February, The Whitehouse public house in Liverpool, England, is sold for £114,000 at auction.[54] The side of the building has an image of a giant rat by Banksy.[55]
• In April 2010, Melbourne City Council in Australia reported that they had inadvertently ordered private contractors to paint over the last remaining Banksy art in the city. The image was of a rat descending in a parachute adorning the wall of an old council building behind the Forum Theatre. In 2008 Vandals had poured paint over a stencil of an old-fashioned diver wearing a trenchcoat. A council spokeswoman has said they would now rush through retrospective permits to protect other “famous or significant artworks” in the city.[56]
• In April 2010 to coincide with the premier of Exit through the Gift Shop in San Francisco, 5 of his pieces appeared in various parts of the city.[57] Banksy reportedly paid a Chinatown building owner for the use of their wall for one of his stencils.[58]
• In May 2010 to coincide with the release of "Exit Through the Gift Shop" in Chicago, one piece appeared in the city.

Notable art pieces

In addition to his artwork, Banksy has claimed responsibility for a number of high profile art pieces, including the following:

• At London Zoo, he climbed into the penguin enclosure and painted "We’re bored of fish" in seven foot high letters.[59]
• At Bristol Zoo, he left the message ‘I want out. This place is too cold. Keeper smells. Boring, boring, boring.’ in the elephant enclosure.[60]
• In March 2005, he placed subverted artworks in the Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Museum, and the American Museum of Natural History in New York.[61]
• He put up a subverted painting in London’s Tate Britain gallery.
• In May 2005 Banksy’s version of a primitive cave painting depicting a human figure hunting wildlife whilst pushing a shopping trolley was hung in gallery 49 of the British Museum, London. Upon discovery, they added it to their permanent collection.[62]

Near Bethlehem – 2005

• Banksy has sprayed "This is not a photo opportunity" on certain photograph spots.
• In August 2005, Banksy painted nine images on the Israeli West Bank barrier, including an image of a ladder going up and over the wall and an image of children digging a hole through the wall.[22][63][64][65]

See also: Other Banksy works on the Israeli West Bank barrier

• In April 2006, Banksy created a sculpture based on a crumpled red phone box with a pickaxe in its side, apparently bleeding, and placed it in a street in Soho, London. It was later removed by Westminster Council. BT released a press release, which said: "This is a stunning visual comment on BT’s transformation from an old-fashioned telecommunications company into a modern communications services provider."[66]
• In June 2006, Banksy created an image of a naked man hanging out of a bedroom window on a wall visible from Park Street in central Bristol. The image sparked some controversy, with the Bristol City Council leaving it up to the public to decide whether it should stay or go.[67] After an internet discussion in which 97% (all but 6 people) supported the stencil, the city council decided it would be left on the building.[67] The mural was later defaced with paint.[67]
• In August/September 2006, Banksy replaced up to 500 copies of Paris Hilton‘s debut CD, Paris, in 48 different UK record stores with his own cover art and remixes by Danger Mouse. Music tracks were given titles such as "Why am I Famous?", "What Have I Done?" and "What Am I For?". Several copies of the CD were purchased by the public before stores were able to remove them, some going on to be sold for as much as £750 on online auction websites such as eBay. The cover art depicted Paris Hilton digitally altered to appear topless. Other pictures feature her with a dog’s head replacing her own, and one of her stepping out of a luxury car, edited to include a group of homeless people, which included the caption "90% of success is just showing up".[68][69][70]
• In September 2006, Banksy dressed an inflatable doll in the manner of a Guantanamo Bay detainment camp prisoner (orange jumpsuit, black hood, and handcuffs) and then placed the figure within the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride at the Disneyland theme park in Anaheim, California.[71][72]


Asked about his technique, Banksy said:

“I use whatever it takes. Sometimes that just means drawing a moustache on a girl’s face on some billboard, sometimes that means sweating for days over an intricate drawing. Efficiency is the key.[73]

Stencils are traditionally hand drawn or printed onto sheets of acetate or card, before being cut out by hand. Because of the secretive nature of Banksy’s work and identity, it is uncertain what techniques he uses to generate the images in his stencils, though it is assumed he uses computers for some images due to the photocopy nature of much of his work.

He mentions in his book, Wall and Piece, that as he was starting to do graffiti, he was always too slow and was either caught or could never finish the art in the one sitting. So he devised a series of intricate stencils to minimise time and overlapping of the colour.


Banksy’s real name has been widely reported to be Robert or Robin Banks.[74][75][76] His year of birth has been given as 1974.[62]

Simon Hattenstone from Guardian Unlimited is one of the very few people to have interviewed him face-to-face. Hattenstone describes him as "a cross of Jimmy Nail and British rapper Mike Skinner" and "a 28 year old male who showed up wearing jeans and a t-shirt with a silver tooth, silver chain, and one silver earring".[77] In the same interview, Banksy revealed that his parents think their son is a painter and decorator.[77]

In May 2007, an extensive article written by Lauren Collins of the New Yorker re-opened the Banksy-identity controversy citing a 2004 photograph of the artist that was taken in Jamaica during the Two-Culture Clash project and later published in the Evening Standard in 2004.[6]

In October 2007, a story on the BBC website featured a photo allegedly taken by a passer-by in Bethnal Green, London, purporting to show Banksy at work with an assistant, scaffolding and a truck. The story confirms that Tower Hamlets Council in London has decided to treat all Banksy works as vandalism and remove them.[78]

In July 2008, it was claimed by The Mail on Sunday that Banksy’s real name is Robin Gunningham.[3][79] His agent has refused to confirm or deny these reports.

In May 2009, the Mail on Sunday once again speculated about Gunningham being Banksy after a "self-portrait" of a rat holding a sign with the word "Gunningham" shot on it was photographed in East London.[80] This "new Banksy rat" story was also picked up by The Times[81] and the Evening Standard.

Banksy, himself, states on his website:

“I am unable to comment on who may or may not be Banksy, but anyone described as being ‘good at drawing’ doesn’t sound like Banksy to me.[82]


In 2004, Banksy walked into the Louvre in Paris and hung on a wall a picture he had painted resembling the Mona Lisa but with a yellow smiley face. Though the painting was hurriedly removed by the museum staff, it and its counterpart, temporarily on unknown display at the Tate Britain, were described by Banksy as "shortcuts". He is quoted as saying:

“To actually [have to] go through the process of having a painting selected must be quite boring. It’s a lot more fun to go and put your own one up.[83]

Peter Gibson, a spokesperson for Keep Britain Tidy, asserts that Banksy’s work is simple vandalism,[84] and Diane Shakespeare, an official for the same organization, was quoted as saying: "We are concerned that Banksy’s street art glorifies what is essentially vandalism".[6]

In June 2007 Banksy created a circle of plastic portable toilets, said to resemble Stonehenge at the Glastonbury Festival. As this was in the same field as the "sacred circle" it was felt by many to be inappropriate and his installation was itself vandalized before the festival even opened. However, the intention had always been for people to climb on and interact with it.[citation needed] The installation was nicknamed "Portaloo Sunset" and "Bog Henge" by Festival goers. Michael Eavis admitted he wasn’t fond of it, and the portaloos were removed before the 2008 festival.

In 2010, an artistic feud developed between Banksy and his rival King Robbo after Banksy painted over a 24-year old Robbo piece on the banks of London’s Regent Canal. In retaliation several Banksy pieces in London have been painted over by ‘Team Robbo’.[85][86]

Also in 2010, government workers accidentally painted over a Banksy art piece, a famed "parachuting-rat" stencil, in Australia’s Melbourne CBD. [87]


Banksy has self-published several books that contain photographs of his work in various countries as well as some of his canvas work and exhibitions, accompanied by his own writings:

• Banksy, Banging Your Head Against A Brick Wall (2001) ISBN 978-0-95417040-0
• Banksy, Existencilism (2002) ISBN 978-0-95417041-7
• Banksy, Cut it Out (2004) ISBN 978-0-95449600-5
• Banksy, Wall and Piece (2005) ISBN 978-1-84413786-2
• Banksy, Pictures of Walls (2005) ISBN 978-0-95519460-3

Random House published Wall and Piece in 2005. It contains a combination of images from his three previous books, as well as some new material.[16]

Two books authored by others on his work were published in 2006 & 2007:

• Martin Bull, Banksy Locations and Tours: A Collection of Graffiti Locations and Photographs in London (2006 – with new editions in 2007 and 2008) ISBN 978-0-95547120-9.
• Steve Wright, Banksy’s Bristol: Home Sweet Home (2007) ISBN 978-1906477004

External links

Official website
Banksy street work photos

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Because of that, the salt mine is very popular among tourists and there is no other way than to go through the mine in a group along the tourist paths. All that in a speed in which you have rarely enough time to take good shots, even with ISO400 setting. Also, my usual strategy of falling back behind the group didn’t work as the next one was almost right behind us.

Nevertheless I was able to get some good shots. And in taking this one I had no time pressure as it was at the end of the tour. Please note: This room, the Stanislaw Staszic Chamber, is approximately 130m (420ft) under the town Wieliczka. As I was standing there I totally forgot that I am underground. All around you find drink machines, gift shops and a museum. But if you look up you see that you’re in a cave that is 36m high. I have no idea how they built that, but well, they had 700 years to do it. Can you imagine that this chamber was the host of the first underground balloon flight as well as the first underground bungee jump?

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