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For those who work with internet or online very well knows what is web hosting and why it is required, for working internet we must required a web hosting services for online business. There is many works and facility in web hosting service which work to make your websites more viewable on a search engine. Cheap Hosting services offers good personalized experience.

They barely use generic form templates because there are chances that they will not work according to your needs. Once when you build up your website, you will have to start thinking about your competitors. These services help you to get top rank on search engine.

A Best Cheap Hosting can be cheap and affordable services where price charged is actually reasonable. This type of web hosting should be avoided when you do not know about the reason for setting such low rates, probably they offer low quality services.

Online many shows you varieties of services provided in there cheap hosting programs, before giving hire them check there details and previous working for best results.

Many people only believe that free hosting does provide you work as you want and also it has lots of limits. But this is not properly true, you have to understand clearly about free hosting services so you can be make benefits from it.

Best Free Hosting services provide you good quality work and rank on SERP. For a small websites these service of free hosting is one best idea for getting best results.

Cheap Website Hosting is the best solution for you to get results in your budgets. Nowadays many people spent thousands of their website hosting service for make their websites more dynamics and present, these services also work with cheap price if you find a cheap service of web hosting.

These services do not tend to mean that the quality of the work offered is poor quality. Here most important thing is cheap hosting service providers are reputable in the market and are known to provide quality work in terms of capacity and security.

Free Hosting is best idea to create free websites. It is the most basic service of web hosting, that you can obtain. On internet many free web hosting companies which provide you hosting in free or your budget.

These companies or service provider also offers feature to add your own registered domain name, or you a URL with them for use. Their registration is easy and it takes just few minutes to obtain your website online. write up tells about the Best Cheap Hosting  and Best Free Hosting Know more about this please visit Website

Baker County Tourism – 3547
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Image by Base Camp Baker
From the courtyard at the Crossroads Carnegie Art Center in historic Baker City, Oregon during the Great Salt Lick Art Auction . Come see “Salt Licks” licked by deer, elk, cattle and sheep formed into amazing sculptures. Salt Licks are auctioned off with all proceeds going to Parkinson’s Research. Founder Whit Deschner hosts a side splitting event with a huge heart! Music, food, drink and its all free! Featured on Oregon Art Beat, the Oregonian and Whit has presented at the Western Folklore Center Cowboy Poetry Gathering about the Great Salt Lick Auction. Video can be accessed from Crossroads website at

For more information about other art and cultural events in Baker County visit the Baker County Tourism website at

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Choose Cheap Website Hosting Company Over Free Hosting

With the advent and rapid advancement of technology, more and more people are interested in marking their presence on the internet. The only way to mark one’s presence on the internet is by making websites. Due to increased reported profits by companies that have dominated over the internet, a lot of people now want to follow their footsteps and make their websites to earn profit. However, as simple as it sounds, in reality, things are not as simple. For making a website, there are many things that you need but for starters, you need to choose a domain name and check its availability on the internet.

Website starts with a domain name which basically is the website address. You need to make sure you check the domain name’s availability to make sure you get the name you want. Next up is web hosting. This is one of the most important things users need to focus on when it comes to website making. There are many website hosting companies out there and while a lot of people look for a cheap website hosting company, others are on the lookout for free hosting companies. Free hosting companies are found in abundance but they don’t provide the services that a good web hosting company does. A lot of free hosting companies found on the internet claim to be “free” and also claim to provide free of charge hosting but there are so many uncovered fees that you are required to pay later on.

Instead of looking for a free hosting company, one should choose a cheap website hosting company. The importance of a webhost is high since a webhost determines how good your website will do. If you do not select a good website hosting company, you will end up suffering because your website will experience a lot of downtime that will annoy users and make them stop visiting your website, which will translate into loss of revenue for you at the end. There are plenty of website hosting companies that provide outstanding services at reasonable or cheap prices.

To find out more about these website hosting companies, you should conduct some research on the internet. You should start by researching on the best webhosting companies and then narrow down your research to 3-5 webhosting companies. Once you have narrowed your results, you should then compare these companies on basis of what they are providing and their fee. It is important to look at the features these companies are providing because many companies provide features that are not important for many users, which basically means that you will end up paying for features that you are not going to use anyway.

However, before researching, you should have a clear idea about your budget and how much you are willing to spend. You should also try to increase your budget limit and get a good webhosting company instead of choosing a cheap or free one that doesn’t provide good services. There are different names in the webhosting business that are very popular because of their services which includes FatCow, HostGator, BlueHost and others.

Once you have selected the webhost company, you should then jump on to the other thing such as web design and content, between others. Everybody should make the wise decision of going for a cheap website hosting company if they are on a tight budget instead of free of cost hosting as hosting is very important for every website. Make the right decision of choosing the right webhost and see your business or either website flourish in the long run.

Want the Best Hosting for Your Project? You need to take the time to consider different companies and read the reviews. Start with our Complete Hosting Reviews here:

Is Trying to Be the Largest Copyright Infringer of All Time?
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Image by Thomas Hawk
My friends ZeeAnna! and Burnt Umber tipped me off today to a new search engine operating out there called Imagelogr. Only it’s not like your traditional image search engine. Most image search engines like Google or Bing include a link back to the images that they search from the web.

Not so with Imagelogr.

Imagelogr claims to be scraping the entire "free web" and seems to have hit Flickr especially hard, copying full-sized images of yours and mine to their own servers where they are hosting them without any attribution or links back to the original image in violation of all available licenses on Flickr. If people on Imagelogr want to they can manipulate your images, rotate them, see them at different sizes up to 300% and even download the images with a download button directly from the site.

Want to know if they’ve stolen some of your flickr Images? Just go here and type in your flickr name in the search box and see if any come back.

I don’t know much about the new search engine. There is not much information to identify who is actually behind it. According to their masked domain registation, the site, currently registered with godaddy, was set up there in April of 2010. The site currently boasts to be tracking over 24 *billion* (yes, billion with a B) images. If their numbers are true, this may in fact be the largest image grab in the history of Flickr.

At the site under a "legal" link there is a Terms of Service page that reads "coming soon." Under their contact link they provide you the email address: imagelogr [at] gmail [dot] com. I emailed them to ask what is up with their view of image licensing and will report back if I get an answer back from them.

Under their main page of the site they have a site description that reads as follows: " is an image & picture search engine. We try to index pretty much every picture & image currently available on the free internet. With our powerful search engine finding these images should be fairly easy. We also offer a few image manipulation tools to stand out from the competition."

I think it’s a bit misleading for them to try and tie their search engine with the "free" internet. It might give people the impression that any images that are on their site can be used for free, which is definitely not the case. People who erroneously assume that they can use the images on this site may end up being liable for copyright infringement if they do.

Interestingly enough, it looks like they are even indexing a bunch of Getty Images photographs, which I guarantee you won’t last long. In fact it appears that while the thumbnail images for Getty are still there, if you click through to the larger sized images many are already showing as not available on the site.

Some users at Flickr started complaining about this in a thread in the Flickr Help Forum, but in usual Flickr fashion they censored the thread by locking it down. Wouldn’t want it getting out there now that there was a wholesale rip off of flickr images going on. Thanks alot Flickr!

Update: It looks like Imagelogr is rapidly trying to do damage control. Since I wrote this post they have added a disclaimer on images that they may be copyrighted as well as added a source link to images and a link to their site for "image removal" which reads as follows:

"If you are the owner of copyrighted content that is displayed on, we will gladly remove those images.

Please email us the exact links of the image pages where your content is being displayed.

Make sure you send us the links to the image page, NOT the search pages.


Email your removal URL’s to imagelogr [at] gmail [dot] com and we will remove them within 48 hours."

I’m not sure why they’d think that giving people a way to have their images removed absolves them from image theft, but we’ll see what happens. They seem to be adapting quickly.

Update #2: Imagelogr is now offline, if you go to their url it is replaced with the following message: " is currently offline as we are improving the website. Due to copyright issues we are now changing some stuff around to make people happy. Please check back soon."

Update #3: On Slashdot here.

Update #4: domainlogr has responded with the following explanation:

"What Happened To

If you are wondering why you are being redirected to instead of landing on, this page is for you.

We recently launched a little site called using the Yahoo! BOSS api. It was a little image search engine that was far from finished. The site was just online, didn’t have any traffic, and we didn’t actually host any images. The whole site was maybe 50kb of php files 🙂

Because the ‘back-to-source’ links were still missing, someone started a post on Flickr claiming we stole billions of images. The counter on our frontpage stating (We are now indexing images) was just a number made up by us, and actually didn’t mean much. It was a guess number of how many images Yahoo! would have in its database approximately.

When the news started to spread that we posted full size images without a ‘back-to-source’ link, we quickly took action and added 2 source links on each page and added a copyright notice stating that he image shown might be copyrighted. After the news was posted on Slashdot and countless other blog and news sites, the emails with complains were coming in rapidly.

In the end we just decided to take the website offline.

This whole Imagelogr project was a non-profit website, we did not display a single ad on the site. We simply tried to make a better images search engine than the currently available ones.

For now the website will remain offline, and it is our plan to turn it into a Google Images like website (with frames linking to the original source) over the next couple of days. Until that time, we are forwarding all traffic to this domain."

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crucial Suggestions And Hints Of The Way To Review And Appraise Free Website And Cheap Web Hosting Service – Hosting Cheap

hosting cheap
web hosting cheap – cheap web hosting service – Free internet site names and cheap web hosting service packages abound! The fact remains, there are 1000s of companies that offer you free domains and cheap web hosting service deals. Luckily available for you, We have spent never ending hours carefully looking on the “best of the particular best” free websites and cheap web hosting service deals.

Free domains are the easy part regarding someone or company that really wants to launch an online site; you can both obtain one if not you don’t. (We’ll pinpoint the internet hosting suppliers that do offer free areas. )#) Cheap website hosting could be the real obstacle even though. Yes, cheap web hosting service is cost-effective and also favored, nevertheless, you ought to choose internet hosting company according to cost plus the sort of web hosting service services you will need.

For example, “shared hosting” is generally the lowest priced web hosting service package accessible as soon as your website will share web hosting service space on the server and also other internet sites. As a result of low monthly expense, shared hosting is great for personal internet web sites, and small companies. “Dedicated hosting” is higher priced, but only your internet site will reside making use of one specific web hosting service server, which is normally only essential for web hosting service internet websites together with really many friends or strange hosting support specifications, including video or perhaps MP3 based web sites. Internet hosting servers may also be differentiated from the kind of programming dialects accessible. Does your internet site require PHP hosting service or MySQL internet hosting? If that’s the truth, you will must pay close consideration when choosing your internet site web hosting program package. If you are looking for web hosting service in your enterprise, make sure to be able to ask internet designer which development language your internet site needs.

Its also wise to look closely at the level regarding web space and also shift allowed. Net room can be like hard drive over a personal computer; there is a limit for the range of files you help save. Move, also referred to as bandwidth, may be how much details downloaded any time somebody appointments your site. This can be critical if the site gains a huge amount of friends or includes huge audio or video tutorials. Hosting providers will improve the fees should your internet site goes over the particular authorized web area or month-to-month exchange limits, just just like the charges for making use of extra minutes around the cellular phone.

A couple of suppositions prior to be able to we obtain for the top level three low-cost contains: I’ll feel that you require the complete most economical web hosting accessible, based on expense, which you’re A. K. using any “shared hosting” program. Keeping that at heart, let’s move about the very best three no cost url of your internet site and cheap hosting deals.

#1 Free Internet site and Cheap Hosting Package

Host Massive. Host Monster has almost everything! They simply handle affordable hosting with a lot of web space (50GB) and a really large volume regarding month-to-month move (999 GB). The 24/7 tech assistance is an overall must for just about any internet hosting system and Host Huge has this also. All that apart, what truly sent Host Monster for the top level individuals Cheap Hosting list will be the $ 4. 95 month to month plan, one totally free website, and the ability to host unrestricted websites! That’s right, Host Monster lets you host a limitless variety of sites only regarding $ 4. 95 month to month. Generally, Host Monster is the better value we’ve noticed for cheap internet hosting, hands down.

#2 Free Website and Cheap Web hosting service Package

Start Common sense. Respectable levels regarding space (50 GB) and also move (750 GB), however are slightly below Host Monster with $ 4. 95 each month. Start Logic furthermore features 24/7 tech assistance and may even toss in one free website, but only enables a whole of 10 sites per account. When you have seen, Start Logic and also Host Monster have become comparable, however the smart transfer could be the unrestricted domains and also exchange with Sponsor Monster to the same price. Truly, there isn’t any reason to pick Start Logic.

#3 Free Url of one’s website and Low-cost Internet hosting Package

1and1. Those are the lowest priced web hosting service in terms of monthly cost at only $ 2. 99/month, which is often huge cheap. In reality, it’s the most inexpensive cost a calendar month I’ve seen on web hosting service. 1and1 also receives kudos for trustworthiness, customer satisfaction and being the greatest hosting provider on earth. An additional will be one free url of one’s website is integrated, however the space for storing (5 GB) and also exchange (300 GB) will be the lowest with this list to get allows a full of 10 sites per account. 1and1 possesses some good features for example free writing a blog resources, an online site builder plus a photo gallery. In case you are new to internet hosting, or are firmly seeking to make a small web-site with out video or audio tracks and minor website visitors, this is an excellent starting point for, you should be tuned in to the storage area and move restrictions.
No cost domain names could be the easy part with an individual or organization that really wants to launch an online site; you can acquire one otherwise you never. (We’ll focus on the net hosting companies offering free domain brands. )#) Cheap hosting service could be the genuine challenge even though. Yes, cheap internet hosting is cost-effective and also desired, nevertheless, you must decide your hosting company depending about cost and the sort of website hosting services you will need.

By way regarding example, “shared hosting” is normally the lowest costed hosting package accessible as soon as your web-site will share hosting space on a server and also other internet sites. As a result of low monthly expense, web hosting services shared is good for private web web sites, and smaller organizations. “Dedicated hosting” is higher priced, but only your internet site will reside using a definite internet hosting server, which is usually only needed for web hosting program sites with extremely more and more visitors or unconventional hosting support requirements, including video or perhaps MP3 based web sites. Internet hosting servers can be classified with the sort of programming languages offered. Does your web site require PHP web hosting service or MySQL web hosting service? If so, you will need to pay attention when choosing your internet site website hosting package deal. If you’re searching for internet hosting to your business, make sure you ask your online developer which advancement language your internet site requires.

It’s also advisable to look closely at the volume regarding web room and also move allowed. Web room is similar to hard drive more than a computer; there exists any limit for the range of files it can save you. Exchange, also called bandwidth, will be the degree of data downloaded when someone appointments your internet site. This is critical in the event the web-site benefits a significant number of readers or includes huge audio or movies. Website hosting suppliers will jack the fees if your internet site goes over the particular allowed web room or monthly exchange limits, just like the charges for putting into action extra minutes around the cell phone.

Several assumptions just before we need to the top three cheap contains: I’m going to think that you will be considering absolutely the lowest priced website hosting accessible, determined by expense, which you’re A. K. which features a “shared hosting” program. Keeping that at heart, let’s proceed for the top three free website and cheap web hosting service packages.

cheap web hosting

Everyone Jump Now!
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Image by Billy Wilson Photography
Time to break free! The second image of the Right Now Series, in case you missed the first:

Find me Elsewhere: Google+ / Twitter / Facebook / Website & Blog

Some of my other projects include an inspirational video series about mental disabilities & a weekly online variety show.

Help support me & my work on Patreon. 

All of my photos are Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial. You’re welcome to download full size & do what you wish with them non-commercially as long as you attribute me as the creator. ie. "title Billy Wilson (" You can also make prints of my photos, but please consider a donation. For commercial purposes please contact me through my website linking the photo(s) you’re interested in.

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