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Website hosting has been one of the fastest growing online internet services due to the creation of the world wide web. Every year several new web hosting providers are created to profit from the exploding growth of website hosting, all striving to be the best in the business. Due to the demand for website services and increased competition many companies offer deep discounts to gain and maintain new customers. Extremely cheap premium hosting services are now available for as low as $ 1.99 a month in comparison to almost $ 15.00 A few years ago. Along with such cheap web hosting prices, they provide many new features such as free website templates, free E-mail service, analytics integration, website optimization, network tools, search engine optimization, web promote, 24/7 customer service plus much more. All of these services are a huge advantage to the website consumer because it saves them time and money.

The range of web hosting services varies greatly from small web pages to very large business websites. Smaller websites use a simple file transfer to upload the website to your hosting account. Very large business websites often get hosting from alternate companies due to special features not available from your average provider. In retrospect smaller to midsize companies can now obtain hosting services at much more affordable prices from average service providers. Personal website hosting, in many cases, is Free due to sponsored advertising on the website from the hosting provider. As technologies advance, many different types of hosting are available. In shared web hosting many different websites share a server. Other new types of hosting include reseller web hosting, virtual dedicated server or commonly referred to as (VDS), dedicated hosting service, managed hosting service, and coldfusion hosting. The newest hosting solution available is called cloud hosting. The cloud hosting platform offers powerful as well as very reliable hosting due to its ability to cluster together servers as well as billing. Cloud hosting also has the ability to charge their customers for the amount of service they have used as opposed to a monthly flat rate.

There is also a relatively new from of web hosting called green hosting which is an environmentally eco-friendly web service provider. Green hosting uses newly developed green technologies to operate in an environmentally friendly manner and help reduce negative environmental impacts. When choosing a provider the consumer should take into account what their website will require, whether its a personal webpage, home business, large business or just a simple website. Remember that different hosting solutions will require different database servers as well as operating systems which can easily be explained by simply calling any average website hosting provider. World wide web and internet use is still growing rapidly every year in the United States, as well as worldwide. It is estimated that worldwide Internet use is experiencing 400% to 1000% growth each year. Due to such rapid growth the combined enery cost of servers in the united states and the rest of the world is over 10 billion dollars a year. Just think, The terms website hosting or web host provider were almost no-existent just 15 years ago, it is truly amazing how the world wide web and web Hosting have evolved and grown in such a relatively short time span. In conclusion, when you are ready for a web hosting company simply go to yahoo or google and type the keywords web hosting and you will find more web providers with more options than you would ever think possible. In conclusion, if you are looking for a web hosting company for your business, website, blog or any other reason and want find the best quality and service at the lowest prices available please visit worlds best hosting.

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Celebrating new mates #fish #music #mysen @teamkraft
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Image by Mobilephotos@heidenstrom
My happy mate Ingar @teamkraft, ands over head after Fish had his
concert on Ingar’s barn and farm.

From the Fish own website:

Musical/acting experience:
First gig (as a punter): Yes, supported by Gryphon, at Usher Hall,
Edinburgh, 1974.
First audition (vocalist): March 1980 – Not Quite Red Fox, failed due
to lack of experience. NQRF’s bassist/vocalist had been approached by
Marillion to replace Doug Irving. They met at a Battle of the Bands
competition in Luton, but never followed it up and lost contact!
First gig (as a vocalist): 1980 Golden Lion, Galashiels, vocalist with
Blewitt (lead guitar, Frank Usher)
Audition with Stranger (Kettering-based), failed due to "voice too quiet"
Audition with Stone Dome Band (Retford-based), successful (bass
player, Diz Minnit) November 1980 – rented a cottage in Dalkeith with
November 1980: Return to gigging with Blewitt
December 1980: First contact with Steve Rothery and Marillion
(Aylesbury), audition successful (including Diz)
15th March 1981: First gig with Marillion, Red Lion pub, Bicester
8th September 1982: Marillion signed to EMI
Oct 1982: First single "Market Square Heroes" released
March 1983: First album "Script For A Jester’s Tear" released
March 1984: "Fugazi" album released.
April 1985: "Kayleigh" single released reaching number two in UK charts
1985: Appears on "The Old Grey Whistle Test" Episode #15.10 (date uncertain)
June 1985: "Misplaced Childhood" album released, number one chart position in UK
12 September 1985: Appears on "Top of the Pops"
21 May 1987: Appears on "Top of the Pops"
June 1987: "Clutching At Straws" album released
30 July 1987: Appears on "Top of the Pops"
February 1988: Appears in "The Comic Strip Presents…" episode titled
‘More Bad News’
11 June 1988: Appears at the Nelson Mandela 70th Birthday Tribute at
Wembley Stadium
November 1988: Left Marillion. Moved to Spittalrig Farm, Haddington
11th October 1989: First solo gig (Mickey Simmonds – keyboards, Frank
Usher – guitar, Robin Boult – guitar, Mark Brzezicki – drums, Steve
Brzezicki – bass)
11 January 1990: Appears on "Top of the Pops"
Jan 1990: First solo album "Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors" released
First acting role as a guest star in an episode of "Zorro" called "The
Begins legal action against EMI to be freed from his contract, finally
culminating in an acrimonious split April 1991
Signs to Polydor Records
April 1991: Films "Jute City" for TV
Oct 1991: "Internal Exile" album released
Jan 1993: "Songs From The Mirror" album released
March 1993: Dropped by Polydor and establishes Dick Bros Records to
promote future releases and a small roster of bands
1994: Films widescreen acting debut as Angus Cameron in "Chasing The
Deer" released 1994
March 1994: "Sushi", a live album (recorded, coincidentally, on the
day he is dropped by Polydor) is the first Dick Bros release
May 1994: "Suits" album released
Tours continually during this time to fund the recording and promotion
of the new album. This leads to greater international exposure in
previously unexplored territories, culminating in the Yin & Yang
albums, a retrospective collection of 26 songs (13 of which were
re-recorded) released September 1995
13 June 1985: Appears on "Top of the Pops"
May 1997: "Sunsets On Empire" album released
March 1998: Appears in an episode of "The Bill" titled "Manhunt"
November 1998: Appears as Derek Trout in Channel 4’s ‘The Young
Person’s Guide To Becoming A Rock Star’
Summer 1998: Signs to Roadrunner, heralding the end of Dick Bros Records
November 1998: "Kettle Of Fish" greatest hits package released
April 1999: "Raingods With Zippos" album released
September 2000: More acting on TV, this time in "Taggart" episode "Skin Deep"
April 2000: More TV, in "Rebus" episode "Black & Blue"
April 2001: Appears on "Never Mind The Buzzcocks" TV show
May 2001: "Fellini Days" album released (by mail order only)
August 2001: "Fellini Days" released to retail outlets
29 August 2001: Appears on "Top of the Pops 2"
November 2001: Sells the Spittalrig Farmhouse and moves into the Studio
November 2001: Auditions for James Bond movie
December 2001: Appears on the Christmas special "Never Mind the
Buzzcocks" TV show
January 2002: Appears in 2 episodes of "Snoddy" TV series (starring
Gregor Fisher)
April 2002: Appears on the BBC programme "Closure" to apologise to
Kayleigh for putting her in song
May 2002: Appears in 2 episodes of "Caledonian McBrains" quiz show for
BBC Scotland
May 2002: Records vocal parts for "Caledonia" on Frankie Miller’s tribute album
May 2002: "Nine Dead Gay Guys" is premiered at the Cannes Film Festival
May 2002: BBC6 Music broadcast a live Fish gig
January 2003: Offered the part of "the hippy" in Queen’s musical "We
Will Rock You" (being played at that time by Nigel Planer). Refused
due to contract duration and location
January 2003: Writing begins on "Field of Crows"
November 2003: Appears on BBC’s "Children in Need" programme from Aberdeen
December 2003: "Field of Crows" released
January 2004: Accepts a role in John Maybury’s film "The Jacket"
February 2004: Appears on "Never Mind the Buzzcocks" TV show
May 2004: Appears in "Quite Ugly One Morning", a comedy film made for TV
January 2005: Voted at number 18 in The List’s "Best Scottish Band Of All Time"
April 2005: Tours to celebrate the 20th anniversary of "Misplaced Childhood"
December 2005: Hosts the Classic Rock Society awards and is presented
with a special award for 25 years in the music industry
December 2005: Appears in a celebrity version of "Weakest Link"
winning £18,350 which he shared with the runner-up – Eggsy of Goldie
Lookin’ Chain
December 2005: Successfully sues former employee Kim Waring at
Haddington Sheriff Court for £68,000 in missing cash and £100,000 in
April 2006: Interview with Radio 4 for a programme on the history of
Progressive Rock
September 2006: Appears on the BBC Radio 2 comedy show "Jammin’"
November 2006: LX Jovem webcast a Fish gig from Lisbon watched by over
25,000 people
January 2007: Writing begins for "13th Star" album
September 6th 2007: "13th Star" limited edition released (web site only)
February 12th 2008: "13th Star" released to retail
May 2008: Fish’s Planet Rock show ‘Fish on Fridays’ wins the Silver
award in the ‘Music Broadcaster of the Year’ category of the UK Sony
Radio Academy Awards 2008.

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